We (All the Admin Staff and Coaches) at Choo-Choo City Volleyball Club would like to thank the many parents, players, and coaches that have come thru our program in the 12 years of helping young ladies improve in volleyball and best of all life.  You can see Choo-Choo City’s volleyball and life skills in every volleyball program, club, and college that reaches way outside of Chattanooga.   This is something we are all proud of at Choo-Choo City.  We want everyone to know we will not be fielding any volleyball teams this year.  Our coaches and staff will be working with other clubs and players this year. We hope that you will continue to find what is best for your daughter and family in a volleyball club.  If you need help with volleyball training or information on volleyball club please give me a call or email.  It has been a joy and honor to meet and work with so many for so long.




Paul Brock Choo-Choo City Club Director